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The Other Mother: A Novel

by Gwendolen Gross

"an electrifyingly complex and explosively gripping portrait of contemporary, have-it-all motherhood"

- Booklist

"best book of the year"

- RoleMommy blog

"best book of the year"


***** Selection of 4 National Book Clubs

***** Redbook "Editor's Choice"

what mom blogs
are saying...

"The book was amazing...As the story continues we truly get to know both Moms. OMG. I loved them both. I hated them both. I wanted to hug them both. I wanted to shake them both. I wanted to crawl into the pages and bang their heads together. There was so much of ME in both of them.”

- MyLifeAsItIs blog

"I LOVED this book. For me, the best part of this book was the look inside the stay at home mom's house. Since I work full time and always have, I have no idea what it would be like to be a stay at home mom. This book gave me a glimpse into this life.

- This Mama's Trip blog

"The Other Mother clearly illustrates the self-doubt that is a part of parenthood, the firm convictions that we carry with us - be they right or wrong, and the special treat of being able to really see issues from a perspective other than our own...

Congratulations to you, Gwendolen, for giving us the gift of new perspectives and for reminding us that as a parent, each decision made is much more complex and very often much more agonizing that one might originally consider."

- Go-Go Mommy blog

The Other Mother by Gwendolen Gross

Featured in USA Today, the New York Daily News, the Toronto Star, Redbook, OK! Magazine, and National Public Radio.

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The Orphan Sister by Gwendolen Gross

“You'll be unable to put down this immensely readable, even rereadable book.” (4.5 stars)
- Robyn Glazer, Romantic Times

"Breathtakingly original...I loved, loved, loved this novel."
- Caroline Leavitt

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