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The Other

"[The Other Mother] paints an electrifyingly complex and explosively gripping portrait of contemporary, have-it-all motherhood."

- Booklist

"The Other Mother belongs in a new fiction genre: mommy-war lit. Mothers of infants through the kindergarten set will find it compelling be they stay-at-home mothers or working. Author Gwendolen Gross' best insights are into how the two women's own childhoods and moms have shaped their choices. And how motherhood seems to trigger a biological urge to judge other females."

- USA Today (Mommy Lit Book Roundup)

"[The Other Mother] is a thoughtful, multi-faceted look at what divides and unites mothers."

-National Public Radio

"[In The Other Mother] not everything is resolved, but some things are better understood, which is asking for, and getting, a lot."

- New York Daily News

"Gross has crafted a novel that succeeds on an emotional level as well as an intellectual one."

- Toronto Star

"Alternating chapters from a working mother and a stay-at-home mom provide interesting perspectives from both sides of the mommy wars."

- OK! magazine

"Editor's Choice"

- RedBook magazine

"The battle of The Other Mother is a dark look into everything that tears us apart and brings us closest together."

- Dame magazine

"The depth of Gross' portraits, and the nobility she imbues both moms with, renders a thoughtful account of how, for modern mothers, there is no easy choice."

- Boston Now

"Gross' ability to create fiction of such high caliber makes this a must-read for mothers with literary interest...the lovely complexity of the author's writing and her ability to create sensual intimacy make all 300 pages of this text a delight."

- The Roanoke Times

"Gross's third novel documents the front lines of the Mommy Wars, but its real strength lies is exposing the complex inner battlefields motherhood can open up."

- Publisher's Weekly

The Other Mother by Gwendolen Gross

Featured in USA Today, the New York Daily News, the Toronto Star, Redbook, OK! Magazine, and National Public Radio.

When She Was Gone by Gwendolen Gross
The Orphan Sister by Gwendolen Gross

“You'll be unable to put down this immensely readable, even rereadable book.” (4.5 stars)
- Robyn Glazer, Romantic Times

"Breathtakingly original...I loved, loved, loved this novel."
- Caroline Leavitt

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